Choose Kewanee!

The right choice for business

Located in the Quad Cities IA/IL Metro Area and at the edge of the Peoria-Pekin, IL Metro Area, Kewanee is perfectly situated at the center of a dynamic, regional economy of nearly 1 million residents, over 500,000 highly skilled workers, 40,000 businesses, and an annual gross regional product of $30 billion. Both metros were named to Forbes Magazine’s list of Best Places for Businesses and Careers 2010 and were recognized for low cost of living and low costs of doing business as well as exceptional economic and job growth.

Kewanee is an attractive location within this regional economy and provides you with the key ingredients for business success. Our location gives you access to a thriving business community as well as excellent healthcare, education, recreational, and entertainment opportunities. We’re focused on the future and are transforming ourselves into an ideal site for advanced manufacturing, renewable energy production, healthcare, and value-added agricultural industries. The opportunities are boundless!

We invite you to discover Kewanee, Illinois ... a great place to locate a business and have a career!

Top reasons why Kewanee is the right choice for business

Central location in West Central Illinois Economy

Kewanee, Illinois is a full service community located 45 miles from the growing Quad Cities and Peoria Metro Areas. Almost 1 million people live within this region that contains a workforce of 500,000 serving 40,000 businesses.

Proximity and Access to Key Markets

Kewanee is located within 300 miles of 7 major metropolitan markets in the Midwest US: Chicago (Illinois), Indianapolis (Indiana), Kansas City (Missouri/Kansas), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Minneapolis-St Paul (Minnesota), Omaha (Nebraska), and St. Louis (Missouri). This area contains 12% of the nation’s population. Over 27% of US population lives within 500 miles of Kewanee.

Superlative Transportation Network

Kewanee is located at the transportation crossroads of the Midwest and the US. It is located 10 miles south of Interstate 80 and 20 miles East of Interstate 74. Kewanee is also within a quick drive to Interstate 88. This access makes for convenient access to markets East, West, North and South of Kewanee. Additionally, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad runs through the community with a number rail served sites using the railroad for transportation.

Low Cost of Living = Low Business Operating Costs

Kewanee’s location in West Central Illinois provides for more inexpensive business costs than can be found elsewhere in the US. Our central location means shipping costs, labor costs, and real estate costs are much lower than in comparative locations within major metropolitan areas.

Available, High Quality Workforce that Knows the Meaning of Hard Work

Our workforce displays the famous “Midwestern Work Ethic” in abundance. Kewanee’s workforce of approximately 6,000 is a mixture of top managers, professionals, sales experts, manufacturing specialists and production workers. Our location between the Quad Cities and Peoria Metro areas gives you access to a workforce of approximately 500,000.

Kewanee is also home to the Black Hawk College’s East Campus (1,000 students) that provides technical and vocational training for businesses and residents in the area. Regionally, there are over 25 higher educational institutions with programs ranging from customized training and certificate programs through doctoral programs. Top regional educational programs include business, engineering, information technology, agriculture, medicine/nursing, healthcare services, manufacturing technology, and education.

Available Land Sites and Buildings that Cost a Fraction of Major Metro Area Land and Buildings

If land and building costs are concerns, Kewanee should be your choice for a business location. Kewanee offers approximately 200 acres of land in two business parks, Lininger and Kentville, which are owned by KEDC. Lininger Business Park has an existing rail spur off the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and both parks are ready for development! Kewanee also has a number of existing buildings that are attractively priced and ready to go for any company that needs a quick move.

Attractive Local Incentives

The City of Kewanee offers a local incentive package that will help you get in the ground and get your business up and running quickly. Both Lininger and Kentville business parks and a significant number of our available buildings are located within the Kewanee Enterprise Zone and TIF districts. The city is also located in a Foreign Trade Zone that offers real benefits to companies engaged in international trade. The City operates a Revolving Loan Fund for new businesses relocating from outside of Illinois or for local businesses in expansion mode.

Enviable Quality of Life: Rural Living with Quick Access to Urban Centers

Kewanee is located in the Heartland of America. We combine a small town atmosphere with the entrepreneurial spirit of early Midwestern Pioneers. Despite Kewanee’s size, you have immediate access to thriving downtown, convenient shopping, Kewanee Hospital, Black Hawk College, and the Kewanee Municipal Airport. Our housing prices are significantly lower here and you will be pleasantly surprised about how much house you can buy in our community.

For urban amenities, just travel 45 miles to the Quad Cities or Peoria and for more shopping, theater, ballet, museums, zoos, and symphonies. We’re only a 2 ½ hour drive (or 2 hour train ride via Amtrak) from Chicago if you need a “Big City” excursion.

Welcoming Business Climate; Progressive Community

Kewanee is a welcoming community where entrepreneurs and businesses have flourished and prospered since its founding in 1854. A pro-active, business friendly city government with excellent city services and a civic minded business community are what you will find in Kewanee. We’ll help you make your expansion or location to Kewanee as smooth as stress free as possible.