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KEDC Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Name KEDC Title Org. Title Organization
Charles “Chip” Eastman President President Peoples National Bank of Kewanee
Tom Ratliff Vice President Manager Ratliff Brothers & Co.
Mark Rewerts Treasurer Vice President State Bank of Toulon
John Spets Past President Retired Owner Spets Brothers, Inc. and Arrow Real Estate
Kathy Albert Executive Director Executive Director Kewanee Economic Development Corporation

Name Title Organization
Permanent Directors
Steve Looney Mayor City of Kewanee
Gary Bradley City Manager City of Kewanee
Justin Raver City Attorney City of Kewanee
Mike Hill President Kewanee Chamber of Commerce

Fletcher Ford Operations Manager Virden Broadcasting/Regional Media
Jerry Grebner Retired President Grebner Motors
David Harker Vice  President Union Federal Savings & Loan Association
Ray Jacobs Facilities Superintendent Black Hawk College
Irv Kelman Retired President Kewanee Motors, Inc.
Tom Martineau Retired Vice President Union Federal Savings & Loan Association
Tim Nimrick Vice President Community State Bank
Dennie Packee Owner Reiman's Harley Davidson
Steven Pont Treasurer/CFO Boss Manufacturing Co.
Christine Ryner Business Development Officer IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
John H. Spets Retired Owner Spets Brothers/Arrow Real Estate 
Dr. Chris Sullens Superintendent Kewanee Community School District #229
Ex-Officio Members
Chris Colomer Member Kewanee City Council
Steve Faber Member Kewanee City Council
Andy Koehler   Member Kewanee City Council
Michael Yaklich Member Kewanee City Council
Mark Mikenas Executive Vice President Kewanee Chamber of Commerce