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How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags how to increase twitters followers Great marketers have found success in the use of real-time marketing, increase followers on twitter which is the idea that you include something topical—something that’s trending—in your social media posts to help increase the overall reach.The most obvious place to check out trending hashtags is the actual Twitter website as it has the most accurate information on the subject. Not only is this the best source based on legitimacy of data, but Twitter also offers “tailored trends” to each user based on where they are and who they follow.For example, this Tweet from Doritos used the trending topic Sharknado3 to post a funny picture promoting its product.Trendsmap is a navigational tool that allows you to look up the trending hashtags by location. This is fun and powerful for marketers because you can see how different locations are discussing different events online, and use that information to geo-target your messaging.Tagging was embraced by Twitter who included the linking feature in 2009. Hashtags spread to Instagram in January 2011, G+ in October 2011, Flickr in March 2013 and Facebook on June 2013.Including hashtags in your tweets links them up with the broader conversation. When a hashtag becomes popular, it is said to be ‘trending’.By cleverly targeting certain hashtags you’ll be more likely to start conversations, increase your engagement and ultimately get more followers.Keeping an eye on trending topics is a fascinating way to see what people are engaging with across different areas of the globe. Topics trend depending on location. You can adjust what you’re seeing to find out what’s trending “worldwide” or just in the “United States” and so on.

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Twitter top trends, hashtags and popular moments

As the year ends, microblogging site Twitter has unveiled the hashtag YearOnTwitter, where one can see how 2015 unfolded across the world via tweets. get twitter followers Several hashtags created for certain public events catapulted these events into global movements, with some hashtags trending all over the world and acquiring a life of their own. For instance, JeSuisCharlie and PrayforParis created after the Charlie Hebdo and Paris attacks, respectively, allowed people all over the world to express their sorrow. Ironically, the move is intended to help people discover more content within the Twitter app. It aligns with other changes Twitter has made over the past year, including the addition of recommended tweets in user Timelines. Twitter has long argued it has the best content on the Web, but finding that content has always been a challenge.LoveWins, another popular hashtag that sprang up after the US Supreme Court guaranteed the rights of same-sex couples to marry, gave Americans a chance to celebrate the momentous decision.Part of the trouble is the real-time nature of the product. Once a tweet slides down your Timeline, there’s a good chance you’ll never see it again. That’s why Twitter also added a “while you were away” feature to surface popular tweets that were shared since you last opened the app.Twitter has retired its Discover tab, the section within the Twitter app that showed users what topics were trending or most popular within their network.Twitter isn’t getting rid of the concept, though. This kind of info will now exist instead within the “Search” tab on Twitter, where trends will now include a more detailed description.

How to use weekly trending hashtags for Twitter success

We’ve seen some updates to Twitter for mobile users recently which includes moving the trending topics to the search page for IOS and Android users. buy twitter followers Users will also see some contextual information on the trending topic as well as the volume of tweets.Here is what the new search page looks like on IOS and Android:This got me thinking about hashtags. Are you using them? Probably, but are you using them correctly? Maybe not.The first use of hashtags to identify topics and groups was in 2007 when Chris Messina suggested barcamp to gather groups together.As a social media marketer, I am often frustrated by the lack of thought that goes into sending a tweet. Yes, I know we are all human and we make mistakes. But, there are specific instances where one more click to check the facts of a hashtag would have saved a brand from a PR nightmare they had to apologize for later.In that little box on our desktop Twitter feed, we see it every day: TRENDING. And as eager marketers, we want to be the first to send a witty tweet about a trending topic in an effort to go viral.But, I bet if we asked Digiorno about WhyIStayed, Kenneth Cole about Cairo, or Entenmann’s about notguilty they would say their quick reactions were not worth any kind result they could have hoped for in the end.Twitter was giving me a small description about the hashtag and WHY it was trending. Granted, all it takes is a click on the hashtag, read a couple of tweets, and you would get a general understanding of what the hashtag is about…but, for some brands that proved to be a little too much work.Therefore, I was excited about seeing this little summary about what these hashtags mean for the sake of brands everywhere.