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The students who came from behind saw the boy standing at the door. Fan Xiaoxin stepped forward and asked, "Haven't you gone in yet?"? What did you see? There was a boy in front of the glass window at the door. Fan Xiaoxin couldn't see anything. She knocked on the door, but no one opened it. So she walked quickly past the door, walked to the window, and looked into the classroom. No one! Nothing! There were only very messy tables and chairs placed for some reason, and Qi Yu and other people they had seen before were not there. At this time, the door of the classroom was suddenly opened from the inside. Bai Qishu and Lin Luo came out of it. The students crowded in the doorway. Fan Xiaoxin looked at them doubtfully and asked, "Where is Qi Yu?" "Who is Qi Yu?" Bai Qishu said lightly. Lin Luo added, "There is no one here. Whatever you see, it's just an illusion." After saying this, Lin Luo said to Bai Qishu,Quillaja Saponin, "Let's go." The two men walked out of the group of students, and no one stopped them. Because the classroom was empty, except for the two of them who had just come out. Ah ah ah ah! "Help!" "Headmaster!"! Teacher "Don't kill me!" A scream suddenly came. The sound comes from.. Below? Lin Luo and Bai Qishu immediately ran downstairs. But the group of students standing in the corridor were full of questions, 'What's going on?' This scream is not Li Weiwei's kind of scream, the latter only one person is screaming,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but the former, but a large group of people are screaming! The scream was enough to alarm everyone in the building! 517. Kill the author (XIII) The scream was frightening. This is the tragic cry of the students in the school before they died! The students and teachers upstairs had no idea what had happened downstairs. They ran out at the same time, looking for the right place to look down. They wanted to know what the terrible scream was about. Touch! Suddenly, the window broke. It was smashed. It was smashed by the body of a student. A student was thrown against the window and broke the glass. The girl's body was covered with broken glass, her clothes were covered with blood, and her strong will to survive was perfectly reflected in her body. The girl endured the pain and climbed out of the window. A lot of students upstairs saw her. Oh my God "What's going on?" "She's covered in blood!" The girl ran as fast as she could. I could see that she was really hard, but she didn't run fast. When the girl heard the voices of the students upstairs, she immediately looked up. Her eyes seemed to glow. She opened her mouth and shouted for help, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, "Help me!" The girl kept calling for help and running, and she ran farther and farther away from the teaching building. The headmaster looked at the back of the girl through the window, but he let her go. Because he knew very well that the girl could not escape. The teachers decided to go downstairs to see the situation. They looked around for weapons. Someone broke the fire hydrant box and took out the axe and other weapons from it. Some bold students also secretly went down the stairs when the teacher was not paying attention. Feifei stood in the pile of students, watching the two of them come out of the classroom, and watching the two of them step away. Feifei had looked through the open front door of the classroom and saw that the classroom was empty. She didn't know where all the people in the classroom had gone, but she knew very well that it must have something to do with Bai Qishu. Watching them leave, Feifei hesitated for a moment and followed them secretly. Soon after keeping up, Feifei's footsteps stopped. She saw two girls standing in front of Bai Qishu. One of the girls was very beautiful and tall. Feifei had never seen the girl before. It was Feifei's other good friend Jiajia who stood behind the girl. Feifei couldn't help thinking doubtfully: How could Jiajia walk with this strange girl? But as soon as the doubts in Feifei's heart rose, she saw that Jiajia's clothes were stained with blood. If Jiajia didn't look like she had no wound, she would have thought the blood was Jiajia's, but where did the blood on Jiajia's clothes come from? Lin Luo finally met the tall girl, this is the first time Lin Luo saw her in a real sense. But there is no doubt that Lin Luo was very impressed with her. In a previous life, it was the girl who took the lead in killing the two teachers, and it was also the girl who later chased Shi Lan and Bai Qishu. She was beautiful, very beautiful, but the counterpart of her beautiful features was her cold blood and cruelty. When she saw Lin Luo and Bai Qishu, she seemed to realize that they were not as easy to deal with as others, and she immediately grabbed a long handle out of thin air. Guns He stabbed at the two men. Instead of hiding back, Lin Luo took two steps forward, and his fingers were already wearing prop fire. Guns , Lin Luo fingertips to the girl, will fire. Gun firing The tall girl was hit hard and flew away. She's all yours. Lin Luo said to Bai Qishu, and then turned sideways to avoid Jiajia, who was grinning at Lin Luo. Lin Luo walked toward the tall girl, and there was a big hole through her body, but not much blood flowed out. Bai Qishu easily subdued Jiajia's backhand. Feifei came over at this time. She looked at Jiajia's expression of teeth and claws. Her face showed an incredible expression of surprise. Feifei opened her mouth and said, "Jiajia!"! Jiajia,L Methylfolate Factory, what's wrong with you?! "She's dead." Bai Qishu said calmly. But Feifei could not accept it. "How could Jiajia die?"? Isn't she all right? "You stay away from her. She's not the same person anymore." Feifei suddenly thought that she had seen Xiaoyu standing up again from the window before, but Xiaoyu had died before, could it be said that Jiajia was also in this situation.