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There was no wild laughter, but a warm palm stroked the top of her hair, and then gently held her head close to a warm chest. There's no one running away from the door. What's so funny? The vice president of Weida Group and his fiancee starving on the side of the road would be a big headline joke. Right? Look, he has been pretending to be pitiful and crying hungry, but did not take the opportunity to fall into the trap and laugh at her a few words, Bingbing smiled, so he also has a considerate side! "OK, let's go to the supermarket to buy food and beer, and then have a picnic on Tatu Mountain while enjoying the night scenery." Without saying a word, Juntian agreed with her proposal. The two of them carried a bag full of food and drink enough for four people to go up the mountain. They sat in the convertible and chatted. Juntian, who had to drive, drank a can of juice. Bingbing had already finished two bottles of beer. "If you drink too much beer, you'll get drunk, too!" Jun Tien stops her from taking a third bottle. "I won't get drunk!" Her eyes were already slightly drunk, but she just tried to be brave and opened another bottle, so Juntian had to prepare herself for the possibility that she might vomit a car of him later. "Jun Tian, tell me the truth.." She lay on her side in the car seat and looked at him with misty eyes. "Am I really ugly?" "Who said that?" He stretched out his long arm and touched the tip of her nose. "You are very cute." "Just cute,Carbon in Pulp, isn't it beautiful?" He smiled. "Say you're beautiful and you'll be struck by lightning." She pursed her lips. "Well, I'm a lovely ugly girl." Why does it have to be beautiful? Beauty doesn't last a lifetime. 。 I appreciate beautiful women, but I don't have to love beautiful women. Like you, you are very nice, smart, and have a personality. Even if you have a little temper occasionally,manganese beneficiation plant, you are very cute. "Cute.." She looked up and drank another bottle. She burped. She was really drunk. Her cheeks were pink. You say.. How can I be cute? "The eyes are cute, the nose is cute, the mouth is cute, and the whole body is cute. It's even cuter than Hello Kitty. It makes people want to hold it in their arms for the rest of their lives." Bing Bing heard a chuckle, Jun Tian in her eyes from one to two, gently shaking up. "I used to be so cute, but it's strange that no decent boy loves me." She looked at him, who was gradually blurring, and spouted out the truth: "You are so excellent, you absolutely can't fall in love with me, can you? Godfather and godmother are really "Show off," and you actually want to set us up. You really can. There are such "not picky" fathers and mothers who regard me as a treasure and insist on giving it to you. Obviously you can have a girl who is a hundred times better than me to choose from. " "I have already made my choice, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, and it is you I have chosen." Bingbing had already closed her eyes drunk and had not heard his sincere confession at all, but even if she heard it, she would not take it seriously. "How long will it take you, you dull woman, to realize that I have been playing with you all this time?" With a sigh, he blamed himself for being too confident and promised his mother that he would never take the initiative to pursue Bingbing before she fell in love with him. Anyway, it was impossible for a better man than him to appear beside her. Sooner or later, she would recognize the engagement and be willing to marry him. Who knows, she is not a "moon", but a "Mars"! That's right, she's a Martian, so she has a different aesthetic view from people on earth. When a "super" like him stays around her from childhood to adulthood, she only treats him as a "playmate," and sometimes even ignores him as a big tree on the side of the road, shouting in front of him where all the good men have gone? He was treated like a dead man. 。 Even he has to admire himself for not strangling her even now. However, he really doubts how long he can continue to abide by the agreement with his mother. He stroked her red, drunk face. Lately he had lost control of himself. He kissed her and said he loved her, but Bingbing thought he was playing tricks on her. She didn't take it seriously at all. She was as dull as a cow. "Well.." One more beer.. Bingbing drunk eyes slightly open, the right hand staggered to him to beg for wine, Jiao Han's lovely appearance let Jun Tian heartstrings move, can not help but lean forward, kiss her red lips. "Um.." Jun Tian's affectionate sucking kiss made Bingbing sing comfortably, and her misty lotus root arms climbed up his shoulders, opening her lips lightly and letting his wild tongue tip reach into her mouth. She gasped, she trembled, and Jun Tian's lips fell on every part of her face. He licked her ears and kissed her neck. His thick palms caressed her plump chest through his clothes. She hugged him tightly and felt as if her body was evaporating. Bingbing's rare gentleness and pandering make the desire in Jun's body burn like fire. Originally, he just wanted to steal a kiss, but Bingbing's "initiative" made his burning feelings begin to stir. He was intoxicated and kissed her wildly, as if her alcohol breath had crossed over to him. But just as he was about to lose control of his impulse to want her, the delicate arms clinging to him suddenly slid down feebly, and Bingbing, who was too drunk to drink, allowed her instinct to arouse Juntian's soaring desire, and then fell asleep regardless of anything. Jun Tian looked at her with tears and laughter. She was really drunk and fell asleep. She could only think of a way to "put out the fire."! "Poof!" Zhihan was called to her home by Bingbing. As soon as she heard Bingbing's so-called "tragedy of the collapse of the sky," she burst out laughing as she was drinking soda. Ha.. Is it true or not? I'm laughing my ass off. ……」 Bing Bing face a burst of red, a burst of white, she knew what she had done was very funny, but Zhi Han did not need to laugh to roll on her bed, right? "Hey,portable gold wash plant, do you have any sympathy?" She angrily kicked the campus beauty who had no image and was laughing on her bed. "I'm already too ashamed to see anyone, but you're still laughing!" But.. It's so funny.. Zhi Han was holding her cheeks and smiling so hard that her face was almost out of shape. You said you had drunken sex and'attempted to rape 'Han Chun-tien? Miss Did you really do such a thing? Bing Bing was very annoyed to hold her head, which had a headache because of last night's hangover. Probably.. Right