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Shen Xi secretly looked at Xue Yan's expression, and stretched his neck to kiss him, "just go to lunch, the remaining few days are yours, OK?" "I don't think so." Xue Yan answered lukewarm, saw her instantly aggrieved eyes, sighed helplessly, held her in her arms, rubbed, "but who let me like you, bad also have to say good." Hearing this, Shen Xi immediately brightened his face and hugged Xue Yan. "My handsome Xue is the best." Xue Yan rubbed her head and spoiled her with a smile: "You are so active at this time." The next morning. The mobile phone rang on time, waking up the sleeping two people. Shen Xi slept in a daze, closed his eyes and reached out to touch his cell phone, touched it for a long time, and before he could touch it, the alarm clock was turned off. Without the noisy bell, Shen Xi fell asleep again in an instant. Not long after sleeping, she took back the hand holding the person beside her, turned her back, and rolled up more than half of the quilt, wrapped herself in a silkworm chrysalis, and curled up to sleep. For his girlfriend's restless sleeping habits, Xue Yan said that he was very helpless, and only helpless. Girlfriend is his, what else can he do? I can only spoil it. He sat up and lifted the hair on her face behind her ears for her to wash next time. As soon as I came out of the bathroom and stood in front of the wardrobe ready to change clothes,tile trim manufacturers, I saw the "silkworm baby" on the bed move twice through the full-length mirror in front of the wardrobe. The person on the bed did not know when to retract his head into the quilt, only showing a small gap in the edge, faintly can see a finger pulling the edge of the quilt, not to let it close. Xue Yan couldn't help bending his lips. "Just look if you want to. What are you doing secretly?" With that, he turned around and laughed at someone hiding in the quilt on the bed and peeking at himself changing clothes. It's suffocating me! Shen Xi kicked off the quilt and took two big breaths of fresh air. Then he looked at Xue Yan and said seriously, "I'm going to be a little reserved." "Is that the end of reserve now?" "No, no, no." Shen Xi stretched out his index finger and shook it. Then he opened his mouth seriously. "I thought about it seriously. You are all mine now. It seems that you don't need my reserve." For her words, which were similar to those of a rogue,tile trim factory, Xue Yan smiled without a word and directly reached out to unbutton her pajamas. Almost at the same time as he took off his coat, Shen Xi reflexively covered his nose. But she thought that after several years of "experience", she should have seen what she should not have seen, and she should not have nosebleeds again, so she put down her hand again. But still involuntarily swallowed saliva, looking at him sincerely, eyes shining with stars, "Sao Nian good waist!" Xue Yan: ".." Shen Xi completely opened the rogue mode, lying on the bed with his head propped up in the posture of an imperial concubine lying on the couch, enjoying Xue Yan's figure in his spare time. He also recalled leisurely: "Speaking of it, when I first saw you, I thought you had a good figure." She paused and added, "Especially this small waist, the thief attracts people's attention." Xue Yan stood looking at her in the same place, and after a while he called out to her faintly, "Xiao Xi." "Hm?" Shen Xi looked back at him, because he was quite happy to see the beauty, and even the end of his voice was slightly raised, aluminium tile trim profiles ,aluminum tile edge trim, "What's wrong?" Xue Yan opened his mouth faintly: "Do you know the special meaning of praising a man's good waist?" "What special contains." Shen Xi subconsciously wants to follow his words to ask the past, asked half, as an old driver, she immediately reacted to what this "special meaning" is. Face quickly rose a touch of blush, Shen Xi scolded a hooligan, buried himself in the quilt, like an ostrich. Xue Yan chuckled and took his time to change his clothes. The doorbell rang as soon as he was dressed. Ostrich, "Shen Xi poked his head out of the quilt and looked at Xue Yan." Early in the morning, who wants to come to your house? " Today is not a holiday, if the National Day is coming tomorrow, this early in the morning, it is too suspicious. Xue Yan shook his head, also expressed puzzlement, dropped a "I go to see", and left the bedroom. Shen Xi slept on the bed, a little thought, or decided to take a look. She climbed out of bed on her hands and feet, ran to the bedroom door, secretly opened the door a small gap, and looked at the entrance. I don't know if I don't see it, but I get angry when I see it. Boy! Who is the person who came? Isn't it you Miaoya who made her angry yesterday! Shen Xi scratched the door, rolled his eyes, and a countermeasure came out of his mind. Almost rushed to the front of Xue Yan's wardrobe, "Shua" pushed open the wardrobe, looking at the clothes hanging neatly, I do not know what to think of, "Jie Jie Jie" to laugh out loud. On this side, Xue Yan saw that the bearer was You Miaoya and frowned slightly. "How do you know where I live?" You Miaoya listens, in the heart is not quite the taste, oneself come so early, he is not to ask oneself to do what to have what to do first, but open a mouth to ask her how to know his residence, tone still is not friendly. She fell in love with Xue Yan at first sight, and even minored in his major for him, becoming his direct school sister, learning boring and difficult code, just to stand with him in the future. But unexpectedly, Xue Yan, who seemed to be cold, had already had a girlfriend. For Xue Yan suddenly appeared a girlfriend this matter, she is not reconciled, also do not want to believe. After several years of pursuit, how can we say that we have left it behind? Obviously, she fought so hard. Thinking of this, You Miaoya steadied her mind, raised her gentle smiling face, and said, "Senior, I.." "You Miaoya," Xue Yan interrupted what she wanted to say with a calm face. "Before, I took into account your face as a girl, politely declined, let you give up, explicitly and implicitly told you the fact that I already have a girlfriend, you do not listen or believe, that is your business, I am beyond reproach. But now,aluminium edge trim, you and Hou Yu make a face to Shen Xi, let her unhappy, do you think I can endure any longer? "I.." 。