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Executive Summary

A growing number of enterprises are moving their IT infrastructures, particularly in the cloud however the majority of them are doing this in the very first instance. Without prior experience with data migration the businesses of today are with a lack of direction and are not aware of the entire procedure. Migration of mail without a clear method and a clear pathway could be costly and time-consuming as well as stress-inducing.

With appropriate tools and the right support the process of transferring mail between mail systems that are commercial is an easy task for IT personnel and managers as well as end users.

This whitepaper will outline the most frequently encountered pitfalls in mail transfer and provide methods by which these can be prevented. The checklists of planning included can help businesses save time and money throughout every stage of the mail transfer.

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Moving mailboxes and users from their current email system to a new one can be a daunting process. How do you ensure that there is no interruption to business? What are the steps to prepare for a successful migration? What can you do to ensure that all emails have been transferred? Even if the migration is an success, how can you convince your users to get to accept the new service?

This white paper can assist you in all but the most pressing of these issues. The ability to stop a revolt from occurring may be beyond Cloudiway's technical range however, with the proper methodological approach, they will be able to plan the steps from their completely migrated mailboxes.

Migration of mail - where do I begin?

Migration of mail can involve more than just the transfer of mail items. Attachments, calendars, mail archives and folders must be considered in conjunction with the decision to transfer certain items such as the trash container.

It is important to decide on the best time for moving domain names as well as budgeting for overhead must be taken during the planning phase but knowing the best place to begin can be complicated. An excellent place to begin is to understand the most frequent challenges faced by businesses when it comes to migration of mail.

Common errorsThe most well-known errors could stop a migration its feet. These are:

Insufficient time for planning If you don't plan a complete mail migration from beginning to finish, the steps could be overlooked or misunderstood and executed in a way that isn't correct. If not done correctly, the process for migration can result in an unsatisfactory or ineffective migration, which could have to be re-created starting from scratch, resulting in a loss of the time and money.
A wrong tool to migrate A lot of mail providers provide free tools for migration, however they're typically very basic and offer only a few, if none, options for configuration to meet more than one business requirement. Third-party tools for migration are designed to meet a variety of business requirements in the back of their minds. Each tool for transferring mail is constructed in a different way, and every business has to choose the best one to their specific needs.
Time to migrate is to long Migration of mail can be slow because of throttles at the source system as well as the target system or both. The throttling process is typically inevitable however, making sure you are prepared and reducing it with an organized approach will often prevent a long-lasting disaster during a migration.
Incomplete or lost mail Certain tools for transferring mail can accidentally create duplicate emails on the system of the recipient or fail to send emails entirely if they're not properly configured. Selecting a tool for migration that does not protect against user error isn't a good idea.
Unhappy users The most important element of the process of moving mail is to ensure that the user is happy. Everyone hates change, but especially the inexperienced, ignorant user. They'll be more unhappy in the event that they access their mailbox on a Monday morning and then it grinds to a stop due to an unprofessionally executed mail transfer.

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