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Love between people is the divine love, the most beautiful. It is present in the fairy tales told in the everyday life of each person. It is the inspiration of many poets, writers. That sentiment is also high in holidays such as valentine's day, new year's day, grandparents day, new year, mother and father... in Addition, it also created the highlight for the Festival hang Bua.

Holiday Hang Bua is the festival of the Thai people place in Hang Bua (Thai called abyss Bua) in Western Nghe An in Vietnam, on limestone mountains “Ferry Swallows” belongs to the Na (Hong tien), Chau Tien commune, Quy Chau district, the city of Glory, 170 km to the northwest. Name Hang Bua have a whole lot of analysis about it. It is the analysis about the beautiful love of you you Ni and the poor boys - Bua. She is beautiful girl with singing Nhuôn, sing Xuối do for birds also to be envied. Coming of age, fisting, floor, even the words or the words of the son, the village rich, her Ni still don't pms, because long ago she fell in love with Bua, a poor boy, gentle, true home in the end. Capital is a phìa uncensored wealth, more power, daddy, mom, her, boobs, forbidden to her is the freedom to with the beloved. One day, phìa wrong poor guy into the cave to kill the water flow, aggressive professional to cause harm to people. Guy goes into the cave and go forever without return. Her Ni at home, waiting for forever, waiting forever without seeing the love returned, she determined to go into the deep caves to find him. Cover strenuous her up to the top of the cave, but do not see Bua. She sat so cry, lover don't know how many days, for forever, until tears of exhaustion where a big stone on the top of the cave. Slate which from that is the life called Choong Nang (bed rock she Nylon); the drops of her tears seeping through the rocks from which life of the drops of stalactites glitter in the Cave Bua.

In front of the cave Bua beach, a flat land, there are trees, the ancient and grand temple name is Tẻn Cow. Every year, on 20 to 23 1 month (Thai calendar), people and international tourists have Vietnam visa for us citizens were excited to go to join the festivities. The ceremony, with the ceremony with bold cultural and spiritual, including Holiday listing actual Ceremony, the actual report listing the gods as Gods of the mountains, who have openly of setting muong, those souls who died in battle and the two brothers Holding Lu Holding Lan, who had led the Thai people to this settlement. The ceremony was held very solemn due to the Mo all home maintenance with a full range of pet products ritual tradition right at the Weightlifting Bug. People do ceremony to bring respect, deep gratitude to the gods have blessed for the river people the past year and pray good things for the new year.

Composition of the board, the air busy with the folk games fun. The folk games bold culture of the people of the mountain as the cave, throwing, carving beds, play is swift, performing gongs, bamboo dance, contest, crossbow competition, walking on stilts, singing the folk songs: nhuôn, xuối, fifteen, throughout; thi beautiful people hang Bua, performances, traditional costume contest, drink alcohol should. Recent years, many new games are brought into society as sports activities such as football, volleyball, table tennis, push sticks, tug, ferris; art activities such as film screenings; thi food culture; thi book frankincense; exam brocade; camping contest; writing letters; cultural competition wine. The activities in the festival Cave Bua rich diversity create conditions for the majority of the people, especially the younger grades participate in creative, cultural values, meet file needs to enjoy life cultural and spiritual life of the people and visitors from near and far, as well as pull near the distance between the people with each other.

Many nooks and crannies depths with scenic beauty, america in the cave Bua, suitable for the dating of the couple. Therefore, on the occasion of the festival, Hang bua is the opportunity to boys and girls in the area to invite each other into the cave to dating share well fun. Spring is coming, coming back on a festive season hang bua new with the racy and boisterous, not decrease, this is good chance for you to contemplate the ritual folk beliefs that the Thai people proceed before the cave Bua.

Source: Dat phong khach san