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Women who post lots of photos of themselves on Facebook value appearance, need attention, study finds

A study on how people use social networking websites such as Facebook confirms what many of us suspected. Women who post loads of photos of themselves on their sites are conveying some strong personal characteristics, buy instagram likes for all pictures according to new research. These women are more likely to base their self-worth on appearance and use social networking to compete for attention. The study involved 311 men and women with an average age of 23. In order to better understand aspects of social networking behavior, the researchers looked at the amount of time subjects spent managing profiles, the number of photos they shared, the size of their online networks and how promiscuous they were in terms of “friending” behavior.Social networking sites are great for maintaining and renewing relationships. But Facebook and other sites can also lead to shattered relationships. According to a new study, the three most-common negative experiences are: Ignoring or denying "friend" requests Deleting public messages or identification tags Seeing a Top Friends list on which one doesn't appear or is ranked lower than expected Robert S. Tokunaga of the University of Arizona studied 197 college students concerning their social networking experiences.Google Inc. is getting more social. The Internet giant, which has faltered in its attempts to break into the booming social networking business, is making another bid to counter the growing influence of Silicon Valley rival Facebook Inc. and San Francisco upstart Twitter Inc. Google on Tuesday rolled out a new service dubbed Buzz that it says will make it easier and quicker to share information, photos and videos with friends on its popular Internet...

Social networking site targets those with, without jobs

Brian Norgard, who founded blog aggregation website Newroo and later sold it to News Corp., is working with Web developers in Los Angeles on a new project called Namesake. It's a social networking site for helping people find jobs, buy instagram likes staying connected with colleagues and, for those with jobs, organizing projects with co-workers. Namesake isn't taking sign-ups yet, but Norgard hopes to begin inviting users in the next couple of weeks. The Times was shown an early version of the site, and features such as the update stream and profiles look more like Facebook than LinkedIn.Keaton Row has added a new twist to online shopping. The website, created by Harvard Business School graduates Cheryl Han and Elenor Mak, pairs shoppers with fashion advisors from all over the country, based on a personal style Q&A given to each new member who signs onto the site. Think online dating but with a refreshed and personalized wardrobe, not a first date, as the goal. "What we realized is that people want a back-to-basics, personal touch when shopping online," Han says.