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Clash Royale Decks Tricks
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The lumberjack.

Just to keep the effect the same as the rage spell, the lumberjack’s rage effect has also been decreased in effectiveness from 40% to 30%. This makes the lumberjack a little weaker but it’s not a huge change. Hack Clash Royale


I remember lighting being one of the first spell cards I got in the game, and I loved using it. After reaching royal arena I have not used it much however, due to other spells being better. This patch adds a 0.5 second stun to the lighting spell and it will be interesting to see how that will effect the usage of this spell. This short stun is very useful for zap, so maybe it will make lighting a good card again as well.

The log.

The log has been changed so that it now knocks back all ground troops. Supercell says that the log will now feel like the legendary card it was born to be, I have my doubts.

The bomber.

The bomber will experience a 2% increase in hitpoints and 2% decrease in damage. This small changes are just done to fix a couple of card interactions at certain levels. I don’t know which they are, but it might be that some troops needs too many hits to kill the bomber compared to what was intended.


There are some exciting changes coming with this patch, so I’m exited about the changes going live on monday and checking them out. Especially the mirror change will be a lot of fun to play with. Please let me know what you think about the changes by leaving a comment below, thanks!

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