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Switch on your Instagram business profile

First thing first, go to your app store icon and update your instagram app. Lots of people claim that they are able to switch to business profile after the update. However, if you’ve done all the following steps and you still can’t find the business profile switch option, that means that buy arabic instagram followers cheap $2 you have not received the latest update yet. Be patient and keep updating.After updating the the latest version, make sure that your instagram account is connected to a Facebook business page profile. I’m not sure if you have to do this before you do the other steps, but there’s a connection between your facebook business page with your instagram business profile. I’ve connected mine way before these changes are happening, but if you have never done that, it’s best to do so. To do that, go to your instagram profile (where you can see your bio, not the photos of accounts you’re following), and click on the cog wheel icon, also known as Options icon. Scroll down to find Linked Accounts Facebook, and follow the prompts to connect your Facebook page profile.Follow the prompts buy arabic twitter followers cheap $2 (they will ask you to choose which Facebook business page you wish to connect with, and you can only connect one insta business profile with one Facebook business page). You can then enter your email, phone number and location for your contact button details.The benefits of switching on business profile is that you get a contact button, which then will prompt users to contact you via email, phone number, or view your shop/business location. Other than that, your business type that you’ve chosen on your Facebook business page will be reflected under your instagram name (not account name). For mine, it appears as Personal Blog. Make sure that your Facebook business page has the correct business type for your insta profile. Below the link to your business website (or whatever link that you put on your profile), users can click on your location and find it on the maps. I work from home and I don’t feel safe disclosing my real address, so I only put the name of my city as my location.

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Use Instagram Insights to know your audience

Before the changes, instagram users need to rely on apps or websites such as iconosquare for their stats. They are often quite confusing due to too many info. Now that you have switched to business profile, you will find graph icon next to your cog wheel icon. When you click that, it will tell you who your main audiences are.The first two sections will take about a week to collect data from your recent posts. the 4 best social media sites to make money online They are crucial when you are doing a sponsored insta post. These numbers will determine how much you should charge on sponsored contents. But even if you are not doing sponsored posts, you can reflect on which posts are the most popular among your audience, and you might want to create more of those type of posts!The last section is all about your followers. On the front you can view the times your followers are most active. You can use that to your advantage by posting during, or close to the time when they are most active. When you click see more, that’s where you will find more detailed info about your followers; gender percentage, age range and location based on cities and countries. These information are going to help a lot when you are creating your content and adding your hashtags.Consistency of your posts is the key to a follow-worthy insta account. I will definitely touch more about how expand business using social networks to maintain consistency in your instagram on a separate post. To be frank, I used to be very inconsistent with my instagram posts. I post about a lot of things, sometimes personal things like attending my friend’s wedding or food I ate that don’t resonate with my audience. I gained and lost followers all the time, making it harder for me to actually maintain the number of my followers. Since the beginning of this year, I have decided to make my insta an account where stationery addicts and people who work from their home offices to get inspiration from. I started to post more about my desk situation, my workspace, stuff that I bought and put in my workspace, stationery flatlays, planner design, and I am gaining way more followers than the ones I’ve lost. Once

Instagram growth hacks for your small business

Instagram is a fantastic branding opportunity for many small businesses. However, growing a large and engaged following can take a long time and be incredibly how to promote your business on instagram time consuming. The following nine tips will help you build your small business’ Instagram account and gain a large and profitable following quickly and efficiently.Everything starts with great content. Instagram has over 400 million users. You have to find a way to get your account to stand out from the crowd. The content you create needs to not only be great in design but perfect for your audience. Lovely images of things your ideal audience couldn’t care less about won’t get you the following or engagement you’re seeking. benefits buying instagram followers A fantastic example of the right content mix for a particular audience is Foundr Magazine’s Instagram. Foundr magazine grew their Instagram account to 10,000 followers in two weeks by posting motivational and inspirational quotes geared toward their target audience of current and aspiring entrepreneurs. You can have similar success by taking the time to research what kind of content works for your target audience. Search accounts with similar audiences and see what kind of content is working for them, then create similar content for your account.