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How to Successfully use Hashtags on Twitter

The hashtag trend, started by Twitter and then utilized by Instagram – but how do they work? While a lot of people use Hashtags on Twitter, they seem to be randomly inserting a hashtag before various words without really knowing the benefits. What if I told you that you could use most followers on twitter hashtags to get more followers, Retweets and Likes? Let us show you how! Often the hardest decision while using hashtags is which words should I insert a hashtag before? To put it simply, you should hashtag the key points of your tweet, or your chosen niche if it appears in your tweet. For example, if you have a twitter account that mainly tweets about cars, you should include hashtags before the make of car, car model e.t.c. This will ensure that people searching for your content will be directed towards your tweet. This will have an ongoing benefit as they are likely to check out your profile if they like the tweet they find and before you know it, you’ve got a new follower that is interested in your niche! This is a question that we see a lot of people seem to ask. Plain and simple, there is no minimum or maximum amount of Hashtags you should include in a tweet. Simply make sure you do not make your Tweet look messy by overloading it with Hashtags as this will deter most users. If I had to give a number, personally I would recommend 2 or 3 Hashtags being inserted into each tweet, this will make your content visible and will keep your most followers on twitter looking clean. There are essentially two factors that can make a hashtag trend. One of these factors is the amount of uses that hashtag has, when it is in the top proportion of hashtags it will show as ‘Trending’ for as long as it is used in high volumes. Secondly, you can actually pay Twitter to make your hashtag popular – you can identify which Hashtags are being paid for by looking for the word ‘Promoted’ next to them. If the tweet is promoted, this means someone has paid Twitter to give the hashtag exposure, which is usually done to create a natural buzz about the hashtag which sometimes leads to a natural trend.